What Clients Are Saying

Our daughter has been studying Suzuki piano with Jal for about a year. She has made tremendous progress in that time. She is learning the value of consistent effort, the benefits of hard work, and the self-confidence that comes from proficiency in a skill. Jal has a real gift for working with children and the genuine caring and sensitivity in the way he relates to them is truly special.

What is impressive about the Suzuki program is that it empowers the child with confidence and dedication to the art as well as empowering their self-esteem in everyday life. Jal has done a great job at nurturing our child and helping her achieve success in a short amount of time.

From a student, age 11: “I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken with me. From day one, I enjoyed each lesson and I looked forward to going into the studio. Your passion and creativity with music is amazing.”

Jal makes each lesson very enjoyable. He also motivates my son to work harder and do his best. Jal provides a structured framework to help with home piano practice. He is very conscientious and is always available to help with any concerns and questions.

My 5 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons from Jal for one year. She can play several pieces with both hands, and also enjoys picking out pieces she's heard on her own at home. I attribute this progress both to the Suzuki method and to Jal's teaching. The Suzuki method requires her to listen to her past, present, and future pieces on a daily basis, thus really training her ear to pick up not just melodies, but also nuances of musical expression that she can then replicate on the piano. Jal is an exceptionally calm and patient teacher who has a real knack for connecting with kids, and makes learning music a really fun experience for them. As a parent, I really appreciate the clear way he communicates his expectations for practice to me, and his readiness to help with any problems that arise during home practice sessions.

My daughter has been studying piano with Jal for almost 2 years and I am constantly amazed at the beauty of the Suzuki method. Even though I have no musical training, I am able to provide support with her lessons and to be involved in her growth as a music student and a confident adolescent. Our lives have been enriched not only by the sounds of beautiful music played at home and at recitals, but by also by becoming part of the community of other Suzuki parents and students. As an experienced teacher, Jal knows how to make individual and group lessons work for a variety of personalities, using just the right amount of games, humor and hard work to engage the kids in learning.

The best part of the Suzuki method is the community of parents and students that grows out of shared events and curriculum. It's motivating to see older, successful students playing advanced pieces. The Suzuki focus on daily practice and enjoyment of music over innate talent fits our situation well, my son is eight, and is not a "natural" musician, but I'm amazed at how well he can play when he puts his mind to it. We are very lucky to have Jal Feldman as our teacher. He is very knowledgeable, very patient, and holds all of his students to high standards.

My goal for my teenage daughter is for her to go as far as she can in the Suzuki repertoire, make piano her own, and translate the discipline it took to learn to play the piano well into other areas of her life in the future. I do feel that some of those goals are becoming a reality already; however, there is something else that she has gained. Jal is amazing at teaching her the technical skills she needs for a particular piece and then teaching her something else that helps her interpret and express the music in a way that is both uniquely her own and is also Bach or Beethoven or whomever the composer was. It's this other thing that I find so amazing to watch lesson after lesson.